When travelling to Canada, whether for your very first time or your tenth time, you probably had a chance to visit some of the famed cafés and restaurants at points along your journey.

However, there is probably no way you could have tried all the marvellous Canadian foods that have earned a place in world cuisine. On this visit, take time to actually ‘experience’ these 7 Canadian foods you HAVE to try.

1) Canadian Smoked Meat

Whilst Canadian smoked meat is a bit like Jewish pastrami, it is so very different at the same time. Marinated in spices and smoked over several days, it is then cooked to a tender perfection before being sliced. There is nothing more popular than the best authentic smoked meat Montreal is famous for and when made into a famous smoked meat sandwich, you’ll swear you’d died and gone to heaven.

2) Poutine

Poutine begins with classic American style French fries but then the best is yet to come. Topped with cheese curds and then followed with an extra bit of brown gravy, you will never go back to plain fries again. So delicious!

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3) Bannock

Basic bannock is really like a bread cooked on the griddle but it is also the core of several other world famous dishes. Bannock wrapped hot dogs, bannock wrapped hamburgers and bannock topped with honey or syrup and course sugar are delicacies that can’t be missed on any trip to Canada at any time of the day or night.

4) Canadian Maple 

Of course everyone knows the Canadian emblem is the maple leaf so it is no wonder that Canada is famous for literally anything and everything made with maple. From maple syrup to maple candy to maple topped bacon, if you are a maple lover, you’ll absolutely love Canada.

5) Tourtiere

Much like a type of French pastry, Tourtiere is actually a kind of flaky-crusted meat pie. Truly a mouth-watering delight and once you’ve tried it you will probably make successive trips back to Canada just to have a tasty pie!

6) Nanaimo

These rich desert bars are layered with chocolate, a cream filling and then a breadcrumb and nut layer and quite difficult to describe except to say they are totally habit forming. Perhaps the most famous Canadian desert, Nanaimo is something you won’t believe until you’ve tried it. Rich, chocolatey and oh-so-delicious.

7) Canadian Bagels

If Canadian smoked meat is comparable to Jewish pastrami, Canadian bagels could be likened to the New York variety with one small difference. Generally heavier than a New York bagel, they are also quite a bit sweeter and typically topped with poppy or sesame seeds. As a breakfast toast or afternoon snack, Canadian bagels ore mouth-wateringly delicious.

So here you have not only 7 of the most famous Canadian foods but 7 of the Canadian foods you simply MUST try. With hints of British, French and American culinary overtones, there is something for the food lover in anyone of any age.

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