5 Travel Essentials For Your Getaway

Already have your 2015 travel plans set? Travel clothes may vary depending on your destination but these five travel essentials should be in your luggage whether you’re backpacking or travelling first class:

Toiletries. Get yourself a space-saving toiletry bag and fill it up with travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath wash, laundry soap, nail clipper, and a hair brush. The laundry soap may come as a surprise in this list, but it’s quite useful to have a small pack of laundry detergent for giving some of your clothes, i.e. your undies, a quick wash.

Money. Always have a set of currencies from each country you are going to visit on your trip before leaving your own country. This minimizes chances of being targeted by unscrupulous individuals preying on tourists who exchange huge amounts of cash. A VISA debit card can also come in handy; it functions as a credit card while still allowing you to control the amount that you spend.

Camera and Accessories. What’s a vacation without pictures? The best way to remember your travels is by taking photos of your destinations so make sure to bring a reliable camera with you. Make sure to pack your charger or batteries and to bring extra film or memory cards. A sling bag would also come in handy when you’re sightseeing.

You may opt to bring a waterproof camera if a beach will be your destination. You can find a discounted one in Lazada Philippines like Pentax Optio WG-3 16MP Digital Camera Kit which is currently at P12,859.00.

Medicine. Aside from the usual pills for fever, headache, colds, and cough, bring medicines for diarrhea, heartburn, seasickness, and allergies as well. If you have prescription drugs, make sure to bring your doctor’s prescription and drugstore receipts as well. Other must-haves include a travel-size first aid kit and insect repellent lotions.

Documents. Put your plane tickets, visa, and passports in a waterproof envelope in your handbag. Bring a copy of your birth certificate, just in case. Make sure you also bring printed copies of any deal coupons or vouchers you availed of.

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  1. Thanks for your tips! Based on experience I’ve learned always to bring medicine. You never know when an emergency situation might happen and you might not always be in the best place to find a pharmacy or hospital so better to have it handy.

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