If you want more nutrients, antioxidants and fiber in your diet—eat more vegetables! We know it’s tough to expand your vegetable vocabulary when you don’t know how to cook unfamiliar varieties, so we’ve compiled this cooking tips for our favorite vegetables.


1. Choose the fresh vegetables. Cheap ones are not always the best buy.

2. Wash vegetables thoroughly before pairing or cutting.

3. Don’t soak potatoes, kamote and other vegetables in water and then throw the water away.

4. Cook vegetables until tender; don’t undercook or overcook.

5. Use just the right amount of water; too much of it is a double waste.

6. In cooking vegetables, be sure the water is boiling before dropping the vegetables in.

7. Cover most of the vegetables while cooking; exceptions are the strong flavored ones such as cabbage, onions, radish,etc.

8. Acids such as kalamansi, kamias, etc., should be added when vegetables are almost done; if added too early, vegetables will not become tender and the green color will turn brownish-green.

9. Should vegetables be pared, be sure to remove the skin  as thin as possible.\

10. Serve vegetables as soon as they are cooked. Don’t cook vegetables long before serving time.

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