Runny nose? Blocked too? Sore throat? Lacking the energy to get out of bed? You most likely have a cold. It’s that time of year where everyone seems to become more susceptible to getting sick and they are most likely going to share this with you, whether you like it or not. Oh, you have a trip next month? Don’t let that cold ruin your planned vacation!

That’s where this article comes in. There are foods and vitamin supplements out there that can help boost your immune system and insure you don’t get sick this cold and flu season. These wonder foods can also shorten the length of sickness and minimize the severity of symptoms. So if you want to be smart this cold and flu season please read on.


This is the most obvious suggestion but somehow it seems to be forgotten about. Orange are full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for building up your immune system. It’s that simple. This will help your body fight off the infection. Eat several oranges a day or take vitamin C tablets, consult your pharmacist for dosing advice.


Echinacea is a great immune booster, available in a vitamin or a tea. The tea is the better way to go. You will feel instant relief for your sore throat. However, don’t replace your water intake with tea. You need to drink lots of water when you are under weather as it dehydrates you. Your body needs the water to metabolize your food and fight the cold.

Senega and Ammonia

This old chesty cough remedy seems to be overlooked in this day in age. We have so many options to choose from when it comes to cough medicine. Please do keep in mind this remedy is designed to help break down mucus on the chest and make it easier to cough up, not to suppress a cough. Ask your healthcare professional for some advice if you aren’t entirely sure what cough mixture would be best for you.
Additionally to these main suggestions; zinc tablets, garlic supplements and chamomile tea are also effective treatments. Don’t just automatically reach for cold and flu medicines. These do not get rid of the virus, they merely hide the symptoms. If you actually want to get well soon and skipping work for a couple of days is out of the question, consider integrating medication and these super foods together. Be sure to check with your healthcare professional about what combination they would suggest. You’ll be feeling better in no time. Remember these super foods are also great to take when you aren’t sick. Be proactive. If you notice that people around you are starting to become ill then start to build up your immune system.

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