Why Most People Trust Uratex

Trust – it’s the one factor that has made Uratex a winner in the minds and hearts of Filipinos for almost half a century. Here in the Philippines there are a few companies selling foam products and one of the best and most advance manufacturers is Uratex.  That’s why I’m glad to be part of the Plant Tour at Uratex and I’m here to share my tour observation at this good manufacturing company.

There’s a lot of reason why Uratex is one of the most top selling Foam in the Philippines, a lot of reasons why Uratex won the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Platinum Award 2014 recently in the 6 consecutive years. The common reasons I heard is because Uratex foam such as their  bed and pillows are very comfortable, durable and always made a goodnight sleep to every loyal customer, but where are these reason’s came from? why not only their product that makes you comfortable? Here are the 3 major reasons why most people always trust Uratex and why Uratex still comforts our life!

1. Clean Production and Facilities – Cleanliness is next to godliness! The Uratex production area’s are very wide, clean, have an advance technology and the employees inside are  working always on Rules standard procedures that starts from cutting the 30-meter long blocks foams, dust prevention until to finalized and finished products. Using their advance technology machines the products are easily made.

2. Uratex Research and Development Laboratory – The highly-trained personnel’s  inside the laboratory tested the Foams for hardness, flexibility, density, breath-ability and the in-house flammability testing which conforms to the latest international standards.  They also develop formulations that result to certain types of foam and also conduct tests to ensure that the formulation will meet final product specifications that customers look for.

3. They Warranty and Quality Service – Not only their products are quality, the quality products are always be made by the quality people with a quality service, a good environment, friendly staff and employees, busy work environment, satisfying and rewarding and most their foam and other products will give a lifetime service warranty. The good thing is that they also offer free delivery if you bought items worth 3000PHP and above. After a few days you got the delivery. That’s why most people trust Uratex because it comforts your life!

Actually’ im also one of the most people who trusted Uratex since a years. I have and still using Uratex tri-fold foam bed in almost 5-yrs old without suffering any deformation at all. And for me I like the Folding foam type because it can be used longer. The most important fact about a bed is that it gives you support and comfort. An ordinary bed will do this less effectively.

Until now, I am still satisfied with my Uratex foam bed. The makers of Uratex foam deserve commendation for this very durable invention. In terms of satisfaction I will be the one to raise my hand and would say that I am fully satisfied with this bed. It is so comfortable to my back. It has been giving me the best sleep ever and it has indeed a world-class excellence.

Uratex will never shortchange its customers. Uratex has a quality monitoring system which ensures that the high quality envisioned is reproducible to every batch of products that will come out. You can visit >www.uratex.com.ph< for more information.

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