Whirlpool Builds a Community through the Whirlpool Kitchen Club

From the world’s main and most trusted appliance brand in the nation, Whirlpool Home Appliances has shaped the Whirlpool Kitchen Club. First launched in 2016, the Whirlpool Kitchen Club was framed to unite homemakers and cooking fans and build a community where bits of knowledge about nourishment, the kitchen, and home as a rule can be shared.

“Improving home life has dependably been our obsession at Whirlpool, which is the reason our home apparatuses have cutting edge innovation which make them smart, instinctive, and imaginative. One of the items that we are most glad for is the Whirlpool IntelliFresh Refrigerator which furnishes you with the best cooling execution without squandering vitality. Its Tri-Sensor Advanced Technology is planned with a few sensors that recognize the measure of sustenance inside and the surrounding temperature outside and modifies it appropriately. This enables you to save money on vitality, devouring just as low as PhP9 every day, as demonstrated by the Meralco Testing Lab,” uncovered Cruz.

Whirlpool Kitchen Club occasion was made conceivable through the liberal help given by the accompanying accomplices: King Sue Ham and Sausage, Lotus Biscoff, Solane LPG, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Ceres Juice, Masflex Cookware, Breeze, Domex, Cif, Sunnyware, First Keeva Innovation, Blue Bonnet, Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances, and Tecnogas.

Since 1911, Whirlpool has been eminent for its long-standing legacy and perfection in the home machine industry. To find out about their items, you may visit their site at www.whirlpool.com.ph or take after their authority Facebook page at facebook.com/WhirlpoolPhilippines.

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