Top 5 Foodie Holiday Destinations

If you love to eat and love to travel, then there are some fantastic options for incorporating both of your desires. Some are more obvious than others but regardless of where you end up you will be assured of an abundance of local delicacies and great cuisine.


It is hard to name just one part of Italy to visit for this great country is known for its fantastic food all round. There is one prevalent ingredient in most places that instantly comes to mind – Pasta! Pasta dishes are made with love and are some of the best in the world. From the simpleness of pesto and pasta together to more intricate dishes you will never taste pasta like you can get in Italy anywhere else. Seafood, cured meats , cheeses and vegetable dishes are accompanied by crisp, delicious wines and most restaurants make sure that eating in Italy is a true experience.


With snow-capped hills and stunning scenery, Switzerland is a visual delight but also on offer are a great range of cheeses and chocolates. The famous Lindt chocolates evolve from this country and you can visit the Lindt factory to see the process of making this delicious chocolate. Head to Luggage Direct before you go there to buy yourself a light-weight bag that allows you to fill it up with chocolates to bring back home – you will be everyone’s best friend! There are many cheeses made locally in Switzerland – grab yourself a locally made loaf of bread and stock up on some of the local cheeses for a picnic like no other!

New York

New York is a foodie’s paradise for many reasons. Not only are some of the top restaurants in the world located in this tourist mecca, many employ the best chefs who spend their days coming up with the latest and greatest in food offerings. There is such ethnic diversity in New York that you will not find a single type of food that is not on offer. Where else can you experience the foods of the Middle East, Europe, South America and Asia all within a subway system ride of each other?

South of France

The South of France has lots to offer the foodie traveler. Despite its stunning scenery, it is also filled with many restaurants and street vendors selling local everything from locally produced wines, cheeses, gourmet produce and seafood. Some of the best food markets in the world will be found in this region and of course one must not travel to the South of France without tasting some of the French bread that is on offer and is too good to miss.


From the bustling streets filled with local street vendors selling everything from freshly caught seafood to local fruits and vegetables to the bright lights of some of the trendiest restaurants, there is something for everything in Asia. A cheap roadside rice dish can be bought for a couple of dollars or if you want to spoil yourself, head to one of the five star restaurants offering top Asian cuisine in the slickest of surrounds.

The Food and Travel Buff

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