Meal planning doesn’t have to take a lot of time! The more you plan the easier it gets.

A little planning goes a long way in helping you have healthy eating habits.


  • Use the Basic Six as your guide in making your menu.
  • Try to plan weekly menus. Avoid having the same menu on the same day of the week, week after week.
  • Make use of foods in season. They are fresh, wholesome and inexpensive.
  • Menus should be flexible to adjust to the availability of food supply.
  • For variety, serve foods which have good flavor combination and meals that catch the eye and whet the appetite.
  • When planning for a meal, select dishes which do not make use of the same cooking utensil.
  • Plan meal which allow pre-cooking and use of left-over’s.
  • Use perishable items first before using those which have longer keeping utilities.
  • Make sure that a meal does not consist of all hot or all cold foods.
  • Fried foods and rich pastries are hard to digest. They should not be served together in a meal.
  • Milk and fruit juices are more nutritious than and should be given to children instead of, tea, coffee or soft drinks.

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