The significance of Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

File photo: Flooding brought about by Typhoon Ondoy 2009

An individual’s security during calamities is fundamentally reliant upon their local area’s fiasco readiness. Regardless of how prepared they are for all conceivable devastating situations, all of readiness can go down the channel on the off chance that their local area can’t respond actually to such occasions.

It is the reason a local area based debacle risk decrease and the board plan (CBDRRMP) is fundamental. It puts the obligation of being ready for calamities and different crises on the local area overall, guaranteeing that associations, families and people can cooperate in making their local area stronger notwithstanding calamity.

CBDRRMP is significant, particularly for nations exceptionally powerless against fiascos, like the Philippines. situated inside the Pacific Ring of Fire and tropical storm belt, the Philippines is visited by tremors and volcanic ejections and typhoons individually. The nation positioned 9th on the world as far as weakness to catastrophes in the 2020 World Risk Index.

Perhaps the most widely recognized occasion experienced by the Philippines is flooding, which highlights the significance of powerful floodwater the board. There are numerous ways that neighborhood government units are doing this. Endeavors range from underlying measures like sizeable underground drainage frameworks, floodways, siphoning stations, flood cautioning frameworks, and metropolitan greening to non-primary measures, for example, limiting plastic waste, a primary culprit in urban flooding.

With the nation situated on five active fault lines, Filipinos should likewise get ready for quakes. It is the reason numerous structures are furnished with quake opposition highlights. Taking earhquake resilience in the country further are the occasional quake drills carried out at the public and hierarchical levels.

These are good examples of effective CBDRR, where both the specialists and the residents cooperate to guarantee the security of life and property in their networks.








SM City Masinag has a rainwater collection tank that can store 17,681 cubic meters of water.


As a trusted and capable engineer of coordinated properties, SM has forever been focused on advancing Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) in its networks, which is clear in a large number of shopping centers utilize framework configuration fixated on catastrophe flexibility. SM distributes 10% of its capital consumptions to integrate debacle versatile highlights, of which introducing water the board configuration highlights is one of them.

Artist’s illustration of SM’s rainwater collection facility in 22 SM Malls nationwide.

A couple of instances of these are SM City Marikina, raised by a few columns of substantial braces to safeguard inhabitants and shopping center participants during outrageous floods. SM Mall of Asia was worked with a tempest flood hindrance for added insurance during storm floods, and a few shopping centers utilize catchment tanks for reusing water.



The nation over, there are 22 SM Malls that have water assortment tanks under the shopping center. This large number of shopping centers consolidated can catch and store 79,880 cubic meters of water, comparable to 32 Olympic-sized pools.

Any place SM is, we attempt to assist our networks with becoming strong to changing atmospheric conditions,” makes sense of Arch. Fides Garcia-Hsu, Vice President of SM Engineering, Design and Development. “Cross country, we have 22 shopping centers furnished with water catchment offices that assist with pouring water the executives to stay away from streak floods for encompassing networks.”

SM City Olongapo Central’s rainwater collection tank can hold up to 14,580 cubic meters of water.

Supporting these are a few drives centered limit working for its partners. It remembers studios and learning meetings for Disaster Risk Resilience Management and normal cooperation in the quarterly public synchronous quake drills for its representatives, and the yearly Emergency Preparedness Forum for people with handicaps and the older, two of the most weak areas of society during fiascos.

Essentially, in accordance with its multi-partner approach, SM Prime has likewise persistently fabricated long haul organizations with associations that backer for a catastrophe strong Philippines. It incorporates joint efforts with ARISE-Philippines, the National Resilience Council, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, the Office of Civil Defense, and the Bureau of Fire Protection, to give some examples.

SM City San Mateo’s rainwater collection tank can collect 10,800 cubic meters of potential floodwater.


SM Prime, one of the main coordinated property engineers in Southeast Asia, stays resolved to its job as an impetus for financial development, conveying imaginative and supportable way of life urban communities, in this way enhancing the personal satisfaction of millions of individuals. Maintainability and Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience structure a piece of SM Prime’s center business systems. It guarantees that its gamble informed speculations catalyze feasible turn of events and positive change in the networks where it works.

For more data on SM Prime Holdings and its different projects towards catastrophe readiness, visit their site at

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