Swiss Chocolate Making Standards Now In The Philippines

It is a known fact that chocolates made the “Swiss way” have always been a top-of-mind choice by Filipino chocolate lovers. And now they will have a reason to rejoice, for Swiss-quality chocolates are now made right here in the Philippines courtesy of Delfi Foods, Inc.

Delfi Foods, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of premium-quality chocolates like “Goya” and “Knick Knacks” under license from Delfi Chocolates Manufacturing S.A in Switzwerland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Petra Foods Ltd. Petra Foods is a leading regional player in branded consumer confectionery products and one of the world’s major manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa ingredients.


Now Filipinos can enjoy high quality chocolates at the most “sulit” price in every bar of Goya chocolates or pack of Knick Knacks.

In a short period of time, Delfi Foods Inc. in the Philippines has acquired an ISO 22000 certification, a global standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO standard is an assurance that adequate quality control is in place along the food chain, from communications to system management, control of food safety hazards and improvement and updating of the food safety management system.

This important international certification is issued to companies to make sure that all the requirements of a food safety management system are met, and Delfi Foods, Inc. is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that quality is maintained at every step of the food manufacturing process.

Aside from the coveted ISO 22000, Delfi Foods, Inc. also received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certifications issued by the Société Générale de Surveillance or SGS. Thus, the public is assured that every chocolate product that comes out from Delfi Foods, Inc.’s factory underwent the strictest scrutiny to ensure the highest level of product quality.

This also goes to show that Delfi Foods, Inc., as a responsible company, will never compromise product safety and quality, including up to the point of distribution in its various sales and distribution networks nationwide, by adhering to these globally accepted manufacturing standards. Delfi Foods, Inc. will make sure that every product it provides that reach every Filipino home conforms to global norms and benchmarks.

Disclaimer: This post is an official Press Release by Delfi Foods, Inc. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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  1. i just want to complain about the product that we bought. my daughter used to drink knick knacks blast. while she eas drinking it today she noticed a different taste. i checked it and it taste like a shit. i decided to open it to check whats inside and i found something like an eartworm. i thought that what im seeing online is just a marketing strategies but i personally experienced this horrible thingy. its so disgusting. im trying to call you but i cant find the number in the label. if you would like to see the image. contact me though email or txt 09955255870

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