If you still haven’t shed off the excess weight you gained from all that holiday binge eating, better start some yoga ball exercises now to get a fit and fab body to show off with that sexy swimwear this summer.   Before you head off to Boracay – which can be very crowded during the season – consider flying off to these fabulous beaches instead: 

Caramoan, Camarines Sur.  Caramoan is the perfect summer hideaway for those who love the beach but hate the crowd.  Nestled between huge boulders and rock formations, the long stretches of white sand of Caramoan is a paradise to behold.  The more adventurous ones can try diving, surfing or exploring the many caves, waterfalls, underground streams, and lagoons in the area. Want to see an amazing view of the Caramoan islands and islets?  Take a trek up to Mount Caglago’s summit and be fascinated with the view from above.

Panglao, Bohol.  Watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat.  Get to dive with barracudas and sea snakes.  Marvel at amazing coral formations.  Panglao is a perfect haven for those who are looking for much more than white sand and beach rides.  Aside from the diverse aquatic attractions, the Philippine tarsier also inhabits this island.  Moreover, Panglao is just a few miles away from the famous Chocolate Hills.

Samal, Davao. Samal’s white sandy beaches and pristine waters lure beach lovers to this quaint coastline.   Swim with the fish at the Coral Garden Marine Park, an underwater garden which serves as a sanctuary for fish and other marine life.  Watch an island disappear from sight during high tide at the Shanipaan Shoal leaving a single elevated cottage that seemingly floats on the sea.

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