Stay Cool This Summer Season! Protect Yourself from Heat Stroke

The arrival of the summer days means the arrival of summer heat, and that’s not a topic you should regard lightly. It’s not just a matter of your comfort. It’s also about your health.

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The cool, windy days are more or less over. In a few weeks, everyone will be switching in their jumpers with their swimsuits to herald the days of sun and sand. Only while the coming sunny day promise fun moments at the beach, one must never forget to be diligent when it comes to problems common during this time of year.

With the heat index expected to rise, the public is once again reminded to be diligent against summer problems like heat stroke. The affliction, which becomes common during hot and humid conditions, is considered a serious medical emergency by the Department of Health (DOH).

Heat stroke happens when the body overheats and includes symptoms like headaches, dizziness, intense thirst, and fainting. When left untreated, it can cause damage to the heart, kidneys, and the brain.

Enjoy the moments of feeling sand between your toes while sipping piña coladas under bright umbrellas. While you are at it, practice the tips below to make sure you keep your cool this summer season.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing – Wear a wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved, light-colored clothing when going outside. Other than preventing heat stroke, this will also help protect the skin from sunburn.
  1. Schedule your activities – The DOH suggests to schedule heavy-duty tasks during the beginning or end of the day when the temperature is much cooler. The risk of heatstroke particularly increases when doing strenuous activities (e.g. exercising).
  1. Keep hydrated – We sweat more during summer so there is a higher need to replenish the fluids in the body. It is suggested to drink more water than coffee, soda, tea, and alcoholic beverages since they are believed to have a diuretic effect, meaning they can trigger the body to expel more liquid (in the form of urine) rather than replenish the body’s water levels.
  1. Limit your time outdoors – Limiting the time spent outdoors is advised during the hot summer days. Resting in places with air conditioning to cool down is highly recommended. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to air conditioning for a few hours a day can lessen the risk for heat-related illnesses.

An air conditioner like Midea Genesis White Inverter split type model can help keep heat stroke at bay with its quality performance and technology. In addition to effective cooling performance, the model features a Quiet Mode that cancels indoor unit noise and a Bio Filter that makes use of specialized biological enzymes & a HEPA filter to eliminate harmful microbes for a healthy indoor air quality.

Worried that you’ll blow up your electric bills with increase used of air conditioning? The Midea Genesis White Inverter model is equipped with the Turbo DC Inverter that switches use between the compressor and the fan and the Eco Mode which automatically adjusts its cooling function to save energy. In fact, an hour of use of this cooling appliance only costs PHP 2.96 (for 1Hp) according to Meralco testing.

Heat stroke is a serious problem. Keep your chill by practicing these four steps and enjoy the summer with no worries.

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