With my busy world, I always skipped meals. I almost forgot that I need to eat and recharge to accomplish more tasks at work.

But I don’t like to eat on some fast food chains with usual recipes like fried or roasted chickens. And so I ended up with just drinking my favorite coffee.

Until I discovered Spoon Meals at Figaro. Yes, a coffee shop with varieties of meals to satisfy your hungry tummy! And they just recently introduced Spoon Meals.

Can you resist the taste of new Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce? I bet no.

It is a deep fried coated chicken fillet poured with creamy cheese sauce. The meal cost P215 and it served with steamed rice, buttered corn and carrots as side dish and the beverage of your choice—iced or brewed coffee or iced tea.

Another gratifying Spoon Meal menu is Chicken Ala King. The taste of this meal is really like they’re serving it for a King! It is a diced marinated chicken in special creamy sauce with vegetables. Also served with buttered corn and carrots, steamed rice and your choice of coffee or iced tea at P215.

Of course, a meal is not complete without a dessert! You can’t forget the tastes of Banana Hazel Nut Turnover (P69)(below-left) and Old English Matrimonial Bar (P49) (below-right).

The delicious Spoon Meals of Figaro is now available at all branches any time. No need for a knife and have it your way with a spoonful of Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce or Chicken Ala King in bite sizes because you deserve the royal treatment at Figaro.

You can visit their official website at www.figarocoffee.com or know more updates on their Facebook account at www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany.

Enjoy Figaro!

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