SM City North Edsa celebrates Independence Day through Filipino-Inspired Collections (Manila StreetWear)

Independence is our freedom to be who we are and to wear the style that represents our goals and aspirations in life. As we celebrate our 120th Independence Day, we should value and appreciate the meaning and substance of diversified fashion styles that showcase the personalities of innovative, talented, and creative generation of the century the Millennials.

It was the charming theme for SM City North’s celebration of the 120th Year of Philippines. With high style clothing brands Mossimo, Folded and Hung and SM Department Store banding, Manila Street Wear Fashion Show put on a ramp show of ordinary and extraordinary inviduals modelling the best ready-to-wear fashion. Targetting the recently started 2018-2019 school season, SM fashion design team selected a great number of ordinary Filipinos who could pose for its Independence Day themed fashion show held openly at SM City North, The Block in Quezon City. It featured the evolving mindset of the common Filipino when it comes to what they should wear for specific occasions, delivering a race of designs that fit well with comfortable sunny to school and office clothings. Detailing form and functionality, fashion enticingly declared fashion in public form – your design versus what mainstream dictates.

It was an eye opening walking feature, some raising eyebrows how simple desires of mixed red and blue – your acid washed jeans against classic khaki pants paired with loafer to shoestring sneakers. Diversity in taste was clearly in effect, and it painted a clear wall ordinary shoppers openly relates with teasing fashion interest. Street Fashion casually elevated with Filipino street fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador, who gave show its fitting more urban New York styled fashion garb.

It was easy defining these styles for the long haul with no less than Nicole Cordovez, 2016 Miss Grand International First Runner Up, social media guru and pop DJ Mike Lavarez, and models Tom Tacwigan, Raven Tacwigan, Chuck Aquino, Joe ABad and lady spikers Major Baron, Kim Fajardo and Kiana Dy taking the limelight. Philippine representative to the next Miss Universe 2019 pageant Katriona Grey, apart from SM City North’s hand painting clothes workshop and live fashion wall art demo, graced show supporting local fashion names.
Targetting not only millenials, but generally Filipinos who have a clear knack for fashion design and diversity in exploring ideas, SM City North’s made a clear impact on daily shoppers wanting to experience their brand of fashion with what they can see, feel and buy!



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