Shopping For A Mazda 6? Basic Information

There are lots of things to look for when car shopping. You certainly want to appreciate the appearance of the vehicle, but that may not be the most important thing. You may also look at gas mileage, customer satisfaction or safety ratings, and all of the features and options a car provides. If you’re looking for a Mazda 6 in Overland Park, read on for more information about this vehicle.

Technology and Features

When the Mazda was redesigned, it obtained many upgrades in technology and safety features. For example, the use of Skyactiv Technology is a lightweight frame design that makes the vehicle more maneuverable when stopping or coming around corners. The design is 30% more rigid, improving safety performance and reducing steering vibration and road noise. This technology also provides improved control and efficiency through multi-link suspension, stabilizer bars, and strut front suspension. All of these improvements contribute to the excellent 40 highway miles per gallon this vehicle reaches.

Options and Additions

The latest model comes in six colors, including soul red, blue reflex, snowflake white pearl, liquid silver, meteor gray, and jet black. You have two options for the interior: black or almond. Go online to see what the interior options look like with the different exterior colors. One interior feature you will enjoy is the in-dash screen with options for navigation, Bluetooth, USB, or streaming from Pandora. You can also control the sounds and calls you receive directly from your steering wheel. It’s all at your fingertips. You may want to opt for heated front seats and Bordeaux accents. Upgrading the sound is another appealing option. Inquire at a dealership which features come standard and which are upgrades.

Safety and Ratings

After reading about the many improvements that have been made to this model, and considering the features and upgrades, you may want to know how safe you’ll be when you drive the car. There’s good news in this regard, since the vehicle achieved a 9.9 safety rating in the 2014 model, achieving the best rating possible in all four areas of the impact and protection tests. It has been given an 8.0 performance rating, an 8.4 by critics, and an overall score of 8.5. Visit a dealership to test drive a Mazda 6 in Overland Park.

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