Road Ttrip At The Height Of A Typhoon

The heavy rains which Typhoon Falcon brought in the country failed to prevent us from pushing our unplanned road trip!

Not contented in Laguna, we continued the journey to Quezon province that lead us to Kamay ni Hesus shrine in Lucban.

After attending a mass, we started our climb to more than 200 steps of the shrine. For some miracle, the rain has stopped but the sky are still cloudy. Along the way, we’ve seen stations of how Jesus Christ sentenced to death at the cross and His resurrection.

No, we did not came here on Holy Week, hahaha! We’re here on a rainy Father’s Day, June 19. Oh well, it was so refreshing when we reached the peak and the main statue of Kamay Ni Hesus.

Afterwhich, we went to Liliw, Laguna where you can find a street of stores of very affordable flip flops and shoes! Liliw is best known for it!

And then more side trips!

Since it was raining hard before we went to Kamay Ni Hesus shrine, we decided to stay overnight in Nawawalang Paraiso hotel and resort in Tayabas, Quezon. The place is very much affordable for a nice stay and amenities.

That travel only costs us P3,500 for the four of us. An overnight stay at a hotel&resort, our food trips along the road, gasoline and these collection of sandals!

Har har har! So much for the happy feet!

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3 thoughts on “Road Ttrip At The Height Of A Typhoon

  1. TJV: Ang mura ng nagastos nyo for that travel. Minsan mas ok pa yung unplanned kesa planned travel kasi mas natutuloy and mas exciting hehe. I’ve never been to Kamay ni Hesus and mukhang maganda yung lugar.

  2. TJV: JM has been to Kamay ni Hesus two months ago, he had taken pictures and told me a lot of stories about it. He enjoyed his trip in Quezon.

    Speaking of tsinelas, i am a tsinelas collector and liliw laguna is really a place to buy tons of slippers ahaha.

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