Random Inspections Against Illegal Drugs is Necessary and Urgent

It is disturbing to know that more and more illegal drugs have been seized recently by the authorities. It could only mean that illegal drug trafficking is rampant and the syndicates are even bolder in their operations.

We do not wish to live in fear. But are we going there? While we are indulging ourselves with our favorite dishes or the food we craved for and while we enjoy the travel and partying, are we really safe?

We cannot even say that schools are completely safe from the criminal minds. They are just waiting in the dark for the right time to attack.

Did you heard the news about two college students who were arrested because of around P1.5 million ecstasy drugs seized from them? Students as drug pushers or couriers, really? Are we not to be alarmed by this?

There is this great suggestion from National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Director Guillermo Eleazarrandom inspections of bags and lockers in schools. I remember him pushing this move with assurance that the safety of the students is their utmost concern.

However, the Department of Education and other sectors opposed the proposal, arguing that it could violate the privacy of the students. Seriously? General Eleazar already clarified that there is no such thing as Oplan Tokhang among students in schools, and the inspections will be done by the teachers not the police.

“Even on the actual implementation, itong mga sinasabi nating surprise inspection, hindi kasama ang pulis doon. It could just be the teachers with the PTA officers. Kung merong mga incidents na may nahulihan ng illegal drugs, the police can always assist them to trace the supplier of those illegal drugs,” said Eleazar.


If I were to suggest, I also would want to implement random drug testing of students. IT IS NECESSARY to protect the students. I believe most parents would agree.

I am not a die-hard supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, but he is the country’s leader and I believe what he’s pushing to get rid of illegal drugs in the country is exceptional.

By placing the right officials in the Philippine National Police (PNP) like Director General Oscar Albayalde and Director Guillermo Eleazar, his fight against illegal drugs will never go wrong. It started with former PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa which continued by Albayalde and the campaign is also being passionately pushed by Eleazar.

It is time to act. The problem in illegal drugs cannot be solved by the national government and the PNP alone. Every agencies of the government must cooperate, and so with the citizens of the country. If the suggestion will help prevent the proliferation of illegal drugs, then its implementation is necessary and urgent.

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