Elba Kitchen Cookbook Launched

Last week I had a great time at the launching of Elba Kitchen’s cookbook! I got inspired to do experimenting of recipes after I personally witnessed professional chefs demonstrated their masterpieces. And what makes the event very special was that they cooked recipes which are also presented in the new cookbook of Elba! My Elba … Read moreElba Kitchen Cookbook Launched

A Much-Awaited Bloggers Buffet At Carol’s Texan 5

We are a family of chicken lovers. We invented and cooked our own chicken dishes at home. Well, I’m glad we are still alive after all those experimenting! 😀 Aside from chicken, I also love ribs! Thinking about a mouth-watering taste of barbecued ribs, always makes me hungry. And learning about Carol’s Texan 5, which … Read moreA Much-Awaited Bloggers Buffet At Carol’s Texan 5

Nuffnang And Hapee Special Screening

This is a million dollar question for me: What makes both Nuffnang and Hapee first class? Because they both provide high and best quality service. Both has competed against international products thus they still excelled and become notable. For me, Hapee is an expensive name but an affordable product. Nuffnang is not just first class … Read moreNuffnang And Hapee Special Screening