If you love wake-boarding, constantly watching the professionals on television, going out yourself in the summer and checking out sites like http://www.wakeessentials.com/, you probably feel a bit frustrated when the season ends and you can’t get out on the water anymore. The season can be very short in some parts of the country, and this could be hindering your development and your abilities. What you should know is that there is still a lot that you can do in the offseason, even if there are no waves.

It starts with cardio exercise. To be able to perform at your best level, you need to be able to wakeboard for long periods of time without getting tired. Try running and biking in the offseason to build up your cardiovascular system. When winter really hits, you can get in the gym and use the treadmills and stationary bikes. Since you can focus on this and not on boarding itself, you can make a lot of progress.

Another thing to consider is weight training. The stronger you are, the better you can perform. You should do a lot of squats and leg presses. Your legs need to be incredibly strong to hold your weight and take the impact of each landing as you go over the waves. You also want to work on some upper body training, like the bench press, and some core exercises. If you can change your body’s entire muscular structure, those tricks are going to be much easier to pull off.

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