Nut-Based Alternatives for Healthy Snacking

For many, snacking is what derails from a healthy regimen- the middle of the day cravings for a salty or sweet fix trumps the effort to make or find healthier alternatives. Enter Nuts. These nutritional powerhouses serve as a creative base for spicing up your go-to snacks. Enjoyed on their own or as a base for power bars, cookies or even creamy milks, nuts are a great way to incorporate healthy snacks into your routine.

Nuts are often left on the shelf due to expensive prices; however, wholesale nuts provide a great option for buying substantial quantities at cheaper prices. With a little meal prep and creativity, your favorite snacks can be transformed into healthier alternatives. Nut-based snacks will satisfy the tastebuds of sweet and salt lovers alike.


Protected by a wrinkled shell that resembles the brain, walnuts feed your brain and heart with nutritional omega three fatty acids and an array of antioxidants. The alpha-linolenic and linolenic acids found in walnuts promote heart health by having an anti-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels and feed the structural fats your brain needs for best function. Use this nutritious nut to make energy rich power balls or as a crunch fix in healthy morning muffins.You can even get creative and use them as a base for taco meat.


Almonds have one of the most bioavailable concentrations of vitamin E; this fat-soluble antioxidant is a key agent in working against oxidative stress and damage from free radicals. Dense in fiber, magnesium, and antioxidants, almonds cleanse the blood stream and regulate blood sugar. Crunchy and satisfying, almonds can be used as a base for protein dense granola or homemade creamy almond butter. Almonds also serve as a great base for creamy and rich nut milks.


Pecans are packed with nutrition that is complimented by a sweet buttery taste- they are hard not to love. These nuts provide a boost of manganese, a trace element that is essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system. Harness the sweetness of pecans to craft rich vegan truffles perfect for snacking or as a crunchy topping for smoothie bowls.

Nuts make healthy snacking delicious. Using these nutritional powerhouses as a base for your favorite munchies transforms healthy snacking from a chore to the task of the creative. Snack easy knowing healthy fats and powerful antioxidants are at work for your health. Enjoy the salts and sweets of your favorite snacks with a nutty twist.

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