Min Yasmin First Solo Album Launched

Malaysia’s powerful and soulful R&B singer Min Yasmin launched her debut solo Philippine CD album last February 22, Thursday at the Turv Room of Manila Polo Club, Forbes Park, Makati City.

The event was attended by friends, people from the press and selected guests from Malaysia. Her latest work is entitled “Pangarap” with the carrier single of the same title. The album contains 13 other songs mainly written in Tagalog. Other songs were rendered in minor languages such as Tausug and Sama Bajau.  In addition there are two songs written in English and Malay. Malaysian Julfekar of JULFEKAR Music produced the album. Filipino multi-awarded composer Vehnee Saturno collaborated with Julfekar for a new and powerful version of Tagalog songs “Bakit Pa” and “Kahit Konting Awa”, Saturno also wrote an English for the album entitled “In the Way You Love Me”. Julfekar also works with Pinoy lyricist Roosevelt Raz Itum for the rest of the tagalong songs, Nelson Dino for the Tausug and Andhee Baslon for the Sama song.

(Min Yasmin sing “Pangarap”)

Min Yasmin is known in her country as Soundtrack Singer, appearing in numerous Malaysian OSTs, teleseries and movies. She had a successful concert March of last year in Zamboanga and in Tawi-tawi last August. She was awarded as an “Outstanding Asian Singer” for 2015 by Gawad Sulo ng Bayan Awards and also chosen as “Music Ambassador 2015”. Min Yasmin and her producer is currently working for her first major concert in Manila happening soon. “Pangarap:, the CD album will be released both in Malaysia and the Philippines.


Congratulations and good luck to your new  album Min Yasmin!

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