Midea’s Microwave Ovens: A Meal-Maker In Many Delicious Ways

Far from just being a heater of leftover foods, ovens are wonderful meal-makers that can make dining such a delight at any time of the day.

One of the best and most appealing aspects of the Midea’s modern microwave oven is its speed. It is a welcome appliance for many of us with a very busy worklife and who may not have the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen to cook a multi-course lunch or dinner. In just a few minutes, we can conveniently heat into ready-to-eat meals the frozen packed meals we bought from the supermarket or yesterday’s rice and viands we did not entirely consume.

However, that is not all that there is to it to a microwave oven. Chefs, homemakers, and the more adventurous kitchen whizzes have found in the Midea microwave oven an important appliance that helps them prepare nutritious and delicious meals that are likewise captivating to the eye and filling for the stomach.

Let’s start with breakfast. Bacon, a favorite staple during morning meals, gets that extra crispness once they are heated in the Midea microwave oven. Meanwhile, those who love their eggs have another option instead of just frying and boiling them; they can create a more luscious salad by first separating the yolk from the white, and then using the oven to warm them slowly in a bowl filled with vegetables.

French toasts with that yummy marmalade to add that extra sweetness are another well-loved dish that can be made with the microwave.

Meanwhile, other meals that usually take some time to cook or bake can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. One example is corn on the cob; after being stripped and washed, it can be heated to perfection in just six minutes, instead of the usual 45 minutes that it would have taken had this been done in the traditional way. Vegetables can also be steamed instead of fried, which again makes for a quick meal but with the nutrients preserved.

“Midea’s microwave ovens are known for their efficiency and the help they provide to the diner and the cook,” says Mr. Phillip F. Trapaga, General Manager. “But they have their creative aspects as well. We encourage our customers to explore that side of our microwave oven to bring innovation to the kitchen and, in so doing, create delicious meals for themselves and their families.”

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