Malunggay Ice Cream In Cassava Cone

It was raining then.

But I can’t help myself but to taste this super delicious home-made ice cream in Bohol.


The ice cream is made of Malunggay! The taste is soooo great! And the cone, is made of healthy dried cassava! I wanted to take home more of it, but of course, I don’t think I could eat melted ice cream. Bohol is miles away from our house in Manila!!

A challenge to myself now is how to make ice cream made of Malunggay or other veggies! 

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  1. I was at bohol last week and i had the most amazing time there. And i must admit the malunggay ice cream in cassava cone is heaven. I also recommend the spicy ginger ice cream. A very different flavor for an ice cream but a must-try

    1. Hahaha! I did not taste the spicy ginger ice cream! I was tempted to but when I saw the reactions of my friends who ate it, I bought Malunggay instead. But some of them says it’s good, and yes, a very different flavor! 🙂

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