Malunggay Ice Cream In Cassava Cone

It was raining then.

But I can’t help myself but to taste this super delicious home-made ice cream in Bohol.


The ice cream is made of Malunggay! The taste is soooo great! And the cone, is made of healthy dried cassava! I wanted to take home more of it, but of course, I don’t think I could eat melted ice cream. Bohol is miles away from our house in Manila!!

A challenge to myself now is how to make ice cream made of Malunggay or other veggies! 

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7 thoughts on “Malunggay Ice Cream In Cassava Cone

  1. OMG! This ice cream seems so yummy and healthy! I’ve never heard of malunggay as an ice cream flavor and cassava as its cone. This is a must-try.

  2. I was at bohol last week and i had the most amazing time there. And i must admit the malunggay ice cream in cassava cone is heaven. I also recommend the spicy ginger ice cream. A very different flavor for an ice cream but a must-try

    1. Hahaha! I did not taste the spicy ginger ice cream! I was tempted to but when I saw the reactions of my friends who ate it, I bought Malunggay instead. But some of them says it’s good, and yes, a very different flavor! 🙂

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