Making Turkey Pot Pie for a Variety of Occasions

Turkey can be a versatile ingredient that can go into a variety of dishes. When people want to use up leftover turkey or want to add this poultry to their diets, they may do so by making pot pies. Pot pies are considered to be a popular dish to serve for different occasions throughout the year. When people know how to use this ingredient correctly, they can use their best turkey pot pie recipe to bring this dish to these events.

Many people like to take neighbors and friends food during times of mourning, for example. When they make a pot pie for someone who has lost a loved one, they know that this person can warm the dish up in the oven or microwave and eat it at his or her convenience. However, people who want to bring someone a more flavorful variety of this pie may opt to use different ingredients that go beyond the typical margarine and canned vegetables. Along with turkey, they can use a high-quality butter and cheese like those from Cabot to make this dish even richer.

Along with funerals, people can serve their butter and cheese-enhanced dish at potluck dinners. Families with children are often invited to many potluck dinners throughout the year. From church dinners to sports banquets, parents are expected to bring fare that will satisfy children and impress other adults in the group. While a typical pot pie can go over fairly well with some people, one that has cheese and butter in it has better flavor. Because children in particular like richer flavors, they may go for seconds helpings of this pot pie.

Like potluck dinners, people often feel on the spot to please when it is their turn to host a family get together. Turning leftover turkey into a family get together meal can be a viable option for feeding large groups of relatives. When they use the ingredients listed in this online recipe, family hosts will give their loved ones no reason to gossip or complain about the dinner that is offered to them. This dish can also be ideal for these occasions because it takes little time to prepare and bake. It also eliminates the need to serve several dishes to please a variety of appetites. People can have their turkey, vegetables, and dairy all in one serving, making serving the dinner easier and less time consuming.

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