Magnum Has Belgian Chocolate Coating, A Huge Hype And Nothing More…

I don’t think it is fair to buy an ice cream on stick with P50 to P60 per piece. The coating is indeed delicious because it’s Belgian chocolate. But the ice cream itself is nothing far different from others that I already tasted.


Thanks to a friend for this treat.

But if you like to have an ice cream for a solo consumption, instead of a small cup or buying a small gallon, Magnum can give you such satisfaction. One stick is enough to fulfill your cravings.

The hype of Magnum should not blind wise consumers. The price is not worth it. Many have thought it is a Philippine version of Häagen-Dazs, but some would realized now that they were wrong.

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  1. Already read and heard so much about Magnum but honestly I haven’t tried it yet. I am really having second thought if its worth my money,

  2. never tried it before..I love chocolate though but I love Weight Watchers new ice cream bars..good chocolate and less fatty.

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