Macarons Ready-Made Ideas

Need an excuse to buy some macarons? Though they’re delightfully delicious with every bite, their rarity in most supermarkets means that many people only pull them out for big occasions. So if you’re one of the chosen few looking for a good reason to buy macarons online, here are a few ready-made ideas.

Birthday Parties

Bright, colorful macarons make a festive addition to kids’ birthday parties. Not only do they offer something a little more exotic than cake and ice cream, but they also expose your kids to new flavors and cross-culture delights.

Business Mixers

Instead of serving traditional fare like coffee and cheesecake, why not combine the best of both worlds with coffee- and cheesecake-flavored macarons? They’re great finger foods, which is important when you need one hand free for networking.


Just the right size for wedding favors, you can do wonderful things with matrimonial macarons. Use them to mark seating arrangements; spread them out in a nice display on your dessert table; wrap them in a box and hand them out as mementos.

Sports Viewings

A good variety pack of macarons is sure to delight your guests whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or the World Cup. You can even order them in team colors for extra flair!

Dinner Parties

Elegant enough for an important dinner yet equally fun for casual get-togethers, there are macarons suitable for every occasion. For example, pistachio macarons are sophisticated desserts after a high-class meal, while chocolate macarons are the perfect indulgence during a girl’s night.

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