I had a unique opportunity to visit the Amherst Laboratory of Unilab in Laguna. This was my first time to experience visiting Amherst Lab and I’m glad they’ve chosen me to be a part of this tour. Amherst Laboratories is the latest addition of Unilab manufacturing network, is a vast manufacturing complex that sets the standard for the next-generation pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in the country.


To see how some of your favorite Unilab products are made, take this virtual tour at the world-class Amherst Lab and be impressed! The plant located in a very spacious land from main and public roads to keep away from the pollution and also to keep the surroundings clean and maintain the fresh air.

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Ahead the tour, our gadgets and accessories are prohibited during the tour so all belongings were left inside a locked room. Then we were taken to the gown section where we put shoe cover and head caps, then we go to wash area to make sure was clean to avoid contaminate the area or in their products.


We saw the hallway that there is designated areas with different color code for doors to represent each room from controlled room, uncontrolled room to door air-lock and exit room. All facilities are clean even corners of the area.



Their coordinator’s management was very kind to tour us and explain clearly all the details and methods step-by-step of processing products from mixing, strict quality control test (to ensure tablets have no crack) packaging, storing and the distribution of the finished products in the market.Even though in disposing their waste materials or expired products these are also undergone massive filtering to make sure no toxic are present before it was disposed.

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After the tour we went to have lunch at amherst canteens, the prepared food was great and delicious! And then a relaxing whitening whole body massage at Asian’s Secrets Whitening Spa newly-opened on July 27, at 5/F The Block-Sm North Edsa. We tried the service and it really gently exfoliates our skin, removes dead skin cells to soften and give radiant glow. How nice and we feel the changes of our skin from darkening to white after of almost 2 hours ritual massage, Amazing!


Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub is a beauty treatment inspired by a most luxurious Indonesian ritual called Lulur. The ritual was originally intended for the bride-to-be in order to beautify, smoothed, and whiten her skin before her wedding day. Lulur originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and products inspired by this traditional treatment are still used by Indonesian women today.

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I really enjoyed the plant tour, the heartwarming welcome of the company, the lunch and the spa. I was very impressed with the world-class facilities of Amherst lab ! It makes me more proud to Pinoy knowing that quality medicines were manufactured by Filipinos. Thank you so much UNILAB ! We all had a great tour and just wished we could have visited here again.









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