Jollibee’s Worst Palabok Fiesta Meal

Jollibee’s Palabok Fiesta is one of my favorites. But not anymore when I tasted their worst palabok meal at Paso de Blas branch in Valenzuela City.

This watery pasta has no flavor, tastes like water! They served it cold too.


I bought it as a meal, with one piece fried chicken and a regular size soft drink for more than a hundred bucks. I just wasted my money because I can’t eat such kind of menu. So frustrating!

By the way, it took them 15 minutes before they gave me the extra rice I ordered. I used the word “gave” because they did not served it to me. I needed to go to their cashier and asked for it.

What is happening to Jollibee lately?

I also have several worst experiences on their delivery service!

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