Jamming With Friends: Connecting At A Deeper Level

Being with friends who love music is always fun and enjoyable. You just find yourself breaking into song and everyone else jumps in and jams with you.

A couple of my friends got the peavey ampkit at musicians friend and we found it to be a handy little gadget to have. Using it while jamming with friends feels like we’re a band playing at our own title concert. Making music together is more than just an ordinary gimmick. It actually has the power to connect friends on a deeper level. When we bring our gadgets out and start singing, it’s not just to while away the time.

It’s not just the music or the tools that are cool about this group activity. What makes jamming with friends more meaningful are the memories and experiences associated with the music. The stories and the banter that happen in between songs are intangible connections that everyone shares.

Come to think of it, “community singing” is one of the activities that everyone has been taught since kindergarten. From the sing-song nursery rhymes sung by toddlers huddled on the classroom floor to the campfire songs that come right before the eerie stories around the bonfire, all these jamming sessions form fond memories that people remember throughout the years.

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