Most Important Tips: Car Rental Agencies In Abu Dhabi, UAE

When traveling in the United States, what do you do when you want to rent a car? That’s easy, right?

But when you travel abroad, especially in the Middle East, what then? Basically, the same thing you did in the US. Call any one of many reputable rent a car Abu Dhabi agencies, such as The Monte Carlo Rent-A-Car Company, and get ready to travel the mystical Middle East in the car of your choice.

Abu Dhabi has so much to offer its visitors that we want you to be sure to get the finest car rental agency services available for your visit to the United Arab Emirate(UAE). Surfing through your kitchen laptop’s browser, you’ll see up front what you’ll be getting when you arrive to start your visit. However, first make sure to check for the following:

  1. Short–term or long-term contract services in the UAE for business/personal purposes
  2. Pick-up and later delivery at Abu Dhabi International Airport, 24/7 or transportation to anywhere in the UAE
  3. First, check the agency out online for reviews or other pertinent information
  4. Further check to see if their phone is working so you can reserve a vehicle over the phone if you prefer
  5. Be sure to reserve as early as possible to ensure availability of your chosen car rental–at the price you want
  6. When taking possession of your car rental, be sure it has a GPS Navigation Service, latest radio equipment, working cell phone, escorted driver and/or chauffeur-driven car and 24 hour emergency road services
  7. The car rental agency should have connections with other major Middle Eastern destination points or alternative routes

Additional Tips For Visiting Abu Dhabi:

Now that we’ve covered some things to consider when renting your personal or business car in the UAE, we’d like to touch on some things that will make your visit to Abu Dhabi a pleasant and rewarding one.

Learning the culture before you travel to any foreign country is not only smart but highly advisable. When traveling throughout the Near East, Middle East or Far East, customs differ greatly from those of a western culture. The UAE has an extremely strict policy on the use and/or importation of drugs–even if they are legal elsewhere. Excuses simply won’t count and penalties are severe.

Sandstorms are a way of life on the desert, so come prepared for plenty of them. Be sure to drink lots of water and keep a handkerchief at hand to cover your nose and mouth. Visibility is nearly zero during these sand whirlwinds, so basically stay inside during a sandstorm.

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