How Accessories Can Protect Your Truck

Any vehicle can be a major purchase, but trucks tend to carry a heavier price. At the same time, trucks do a lot of work, towing, hauling, and even going for off-road adventures. As you use your truck for work and play, you will want to protect your investment as much as possible. For the owners of GMC trucks, there are a variety of accessories available to help keep your truck from receiving too much damage during its use. Purchasing accessories from a certified GMC dealer, such as Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac, can ensure that your warranty will not be affected by the installation of additional accessories.

Exterior and Interior Protection

The hood of your truck is susceptible to damage from rock chips and bug splatters. Such damage to the paint job can detract from both the appearance and the value of the vehicle. Adding a hood protector, also called a bug shield, can help redirect bugs, rocks, and other debris from chipping your hood and windshield. Rocks and other debris can also chip the paint on the lower panels of the vehicle as they are flipped up from the tires. Mud and grime can also collect behind the tires, and contribute to corrosion. Adding mud flaps behind the tires can help protect from such damage, as well as helping to prevent rocks and other debris from flying up to hit the windshields of fellow drivers.

Having the carpets replaced inside of a truck can become pricey, but adding floor mats can help. Floor mats, whether carpet, vinyl, or all-weather, can help protect the vehicle’s carpeting from wearing out from dirt and regular use.

Bed Protection

The bed of the truck is what gives it the ability to haul lumber, trash, branches, and other items that other vehicles usually cannot manage. As such, the bed can see a lot of damage over time. To help prevent some of the damage your truck bed receives, you can add a bedliner. Bedliners provide the truck bed with a protective lining against scratches, dents, and corrosion, as well as helping make cleanup easier. Rubber bed mats can add additional protection, as well as providing traction for cargo. Tailgate liners are also available. For more information on the accessories available for your GMC truck, visit a certified dealer such as Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac.

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