Handy Watch For Your Daily Vitals!

My friends have cool smart watches that they use nearly every day. They enjoy comparing how many steps they have done throughout the day and I couldn’t relate. So they suggested that I try to buy one at Takatack.com, which is where one of my friends got his smart watch. Luckily, on top of the featured products list is the Atmos Fit Elite!

How much is it? A whopping Php 9570! Too much? Well lucky for us who wants to buy this awesome watch. It’s 90% off in the site! Yes! Now its asking price is only Php979. A huge discount for the features it offers.

A key feature I was looking for was the capability of the watch to notify me of messages and calls coming from my phone! Less hassle to take my phone out of my pocket  and the quick replies make commuting safe. It also has a lot of features for exercising: it monitors the heart rate, the amount of distance traveled—perfect for jogging—and the most important part is the calorie counter!

Got to thank you Takatack for giving me such an awesome deal! My birthday is coming up soon and this is a perfect early gift for myself. More power to you Takatack.com

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