GoodAh’s New Branch Opened in Timog with Better Crispy Pata

One of Filipino favorite dishes, Crispy Pata, will definitely be a mouthwatering treat to meat lovers out there.

At Goodah!!! the crispy pata comes with Trio Dip: Adobo Sauce, Classic Soy Vinegar, and Spicy Sweet Chili! The crispy pork trotter is paired with the savory goodness of the store’s very own adobo sauce as a delicious dip for the crispy and juicy favorite. It’s a totally unexpected offering! Diners will also be served the original soy, vinegar mix as a dip and another twist, the sweet chili sauce.

Our first time to taste it was in their newly opened branch in Timog Avenue, Quezon City! It will simultaneously be offered in their other 6 branches in the metro. For just PHP 599, the whole family or a group of friends can enjoy GoodAh’s unique twist to crispy pata in a la carte. They can also add fried rice and 4 glasses of orange juice to complete it into a meal package, which is very affordable at PHP 699. The new GoodAh!!! Crispy Pata is the best way to celebrate the opening of the restaurant’s seventh branch.

Crispy pata has always been a favorite when there is something to celebrate with family or friends. To kick off the party season for the last quarter of this year, crispy pata will be a special item on their menu. The popular all-Filipino food chain, known for being “Open 25 Hours” a day, will be serving a twist on this classic crispy pata dish.

The usual approach in cooking a great tasting crispy pata begins with its preparation, way before putting it in a bath of piping hot oil. Pork legs are boiled in salted water with a dash of vinegar with some herbs and spices until the meat and skin are fork- tender. The leg is then transferred to a wok, where it is deep fried to get that crispy skin and juicy meat. Traditionally, it is enjoyed with spiced vinegar mixed with soy sauce.

For more than 30 years GoodAh!!! has been serving the Filipinos with “Pagkaing Good for Every-All” and they were the ones who first coined acronym dishes like Tapsilog, Tosi, Longsi, and many others that become a ubiquitous part of the popular Filipino meal today. And they proceed to push culinary boundaries with this young and exciting twist on crispy pata.

Watch out for more exciting dishes from GoodAh!!! by visiting their website at or their Facebook at You have to make your hummingbird guitar ready because how Crispy Pata taste will make you sing your heart out!


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