Food is one of those things in life that brings us pleasure, but it is only through proper preparation that we are assured of enjoyment.

Here are some simple handling, preparing and storing tips to consider suggested by food experts:

  • Some of the food we eat holds naturally occuring substances that can be harmful when not properly prepared and cooked. This leads to poisoning and other related illnesses that are caused by microorganisms or different types of bacteria that rapidly multiply at a rate of twice an hour, thriving in temperatures between 5 degree celcius and 60 degree celcius.
  • A simple rule to remember when handling food is to keep hot foods hot and keep cold foods cold. Contaminated food may not even look, smell or tatse different but, when in doubt, don’t eat it. Bacteria thrive on energy-dense food enriched with proteins, nutrients and water, such as meat, chicken, seafood, dairy products, eggs and even cooked rice. Salmonella sp is the most common bacteria found in food and can induce a severe headache followed by vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, and other symptoms; It can even lean to death if a person is severely infected.
  • Reduce the risk of food poisoning by taking extra precaution with your food. Start by making sure that the food that you buy is safe by checking the packaging for damages while in the supermarket. Once home, be wary of how you handle, store and cook food to eliminate bacteria formation.

In any aspect, safety is an ultimate concern. It is no difference if you are buying things you love like Guard Equipment at WWBW or any kind.

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