Experiencing Filipino Culture At The Mabuhay Restop

When tourists go to a new destination, their itinerary often includes a trip to a local museum, a meal consisting of authentic local cuisine, and a tour to historical sites.

Well, those coming to Manila can have all these three and more in just one venue – the Mabuhay Restop. Located right in Rizal Park, this travel cafe and museum offers tourists a chance to experience Filipino culture through musical shows, heritage tours, art exhibits, and of course, local cuisine.

They have Weekend Children’s Theatre on Saturday afternoons and Mabuhay Dinner Shows on Saturday nights. You may even chance musicians playing banjos from gold tone at musicians friend.

The best thing about Mabuhay Restop is that it donates 30% of its profit to Gawad Kalinga. Now here’s a place that Filipinos can be really proud of!

Photo credit: Mabuhay Restop

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