Essentials for a Kickin’ Summer BBQ

Summer is for working on our pasty winter skin, sweating up a storm and indulging in big, icy umbrella drinks. It’s the one time of year where bikinis in public are socially acceptable, because let’s face it, it’s just too damn hot to wear anything else. Besides spending a long day frolicking in the ocean, the best part of summer is the classic backyard BBQ.

There’s nothing more satisfying than an afternoon spent with friends, blow up pools, your brag worthy new bbq you found at somewhere like and an assortment of juicy, grilled meats. If you’re planning on jumping on the barbecue fiesta train this summer, here’s what you need to host your kickin’ BBQ.

Paper Everything

When choosing between whether to host a dinner party or backyard BBQ, one should consider the clean-up time. Meaning… How many hours are you going to spend scrubbing dishes at the sink when the party finishes? If this is the question posed, you’re answer is always going to backyard barbecue.

This is the only occasion when it is socially acceptable – in fact, it’s even expected – to serve food on paper plates. You won’t be fretting over someone breaking your fine china, or cringing at the thought of the large pile of plates to clean; all you need to do is grab a large garbage bag and throw all the remains in the trash! So the moral of the story: Buy paper plates, cups and cutlery.

Meat Markers

Let’s be honest: People are really particular with the tenderness of their meats. When you are serving so many people, the rare can get mixed up the well-done, and before you know it, your one guest who has an aversion to blood freaks out when they bite down on a dripping rare steak. To avoid this, invest in meat markers to label the rare, medium and well done meats.

Grilling Mapron

The male species have their manbags and their mandels (man sandals) and now there’s one better: The Mapron. Yes you heard right. It’s essentially a man apron; something that every tong master needs to go into battle with the barbecue. With built in beer can holders, compartments for your cooking utensils, and pockets for your sauces, the novelty funny apron looks weak in comparison.

Cooler Boxes

Unless you own a massive outdoor fridge, your guests’ aren’t going to be too chuffed when they have to force down a warm beer. If you haven’t got sufficient space in your fridge you have three options available. You can either buy a mini bar fridge, a large cooler box, or if you’ve got budget limitations you can do what I like to do which is transforming your bathtub into a cooler box by filling it with ice.

Citronella Candles

Besides burning the steak, and subsequently setting the yard on fire, the only other thing that can put a damper on your BBQ is those pesky little mosquitoes. Avoid this by placing some citronella candles around the garden.

What are your essentials for a summer BBQ? Let us know in the comments below.

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