Cosmopolitan Group Entered Into a Tie-Up With Climbs Coop

One of the basic and ultimate truths about life —— Death is never a matter of “IF” it’s is a question of “WHEN” People fail to prepare for the trauma of death, and when it comes, their families left behind are forced to make big decisions — hastily, often in shock, and without preparation.

Cosmopolitan  Climbs  Life Plan Inc. (CCLPI) – Partnering for growth in the insurance sector between cooperative and private. It was launched at the Marriot Hotel Manila aims to serve us a hassle free yearly renewable memorial plan in lower price. This type of partnership usually offers great advantages.

During the event  Mr. Renato Dychangco, Jr., Chairman of Cosmopolitan said “We decided to merge together to make sure that we give protection only for the rich people but the common people who need help .To relieves the emotional burden on your family, To guarantees that your wishes are honored and to relieves the financial burden on the survivors.

Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapels is the specialists in family care and service in times of need for 70 years. It is in the business of helping families honor the lives of those they love. It is located in 24 major cities and towns in the country. Partner Mortuaries has been accredited in locations where Cosmopolitan is not present. Cosmopolitans specialists in family and decedent care are available 24/7. Always available, Cosmopolitans highly trained specialists are there to understand and to help your family through a difficult time.

Climbs offered more and more services to cover their increasing needs. It eventually ventured into partnerships with primary cooperatives nationwide to become a distribution channel of insurance products and services to its members and, overall, as a financial solutions provider to cooperatives and their respective members nationwide.

This Joint Venture will help a lot of Filipino in and out of the country.

Visit Climbs and Cosmopolitan Official sites for more information. 

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