Chan Lim Family of Artists & Students Exhibit at SM The Block Atrium

Through painting they are able to help nourish the artistic ability of people.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year and the Family’s Patriarch, Chan Lim’s 80th birthday, the Chan Lim Family of Artists & Students Exhibit is back at the SM The Block Atrium to showcase their hand-painted scrolls and plates.













The exhibit showcases their artworks in porcelain plates, scrolls, as well as in canvas. Almost all the pieces are about nature, from flowers to mountains, to animals. There’s also a piece in the exhibit, which they call an interaction painting. It was created by Chan Lim siblings, Alex, Felix, Rolex, and Jolex. One of them is in the states, so they have this piece ship out to the US to complete the scroll painting.

It was the family patriarch, Jose Chan Lim, who got the family interested in visual arts and paintings. The Chan Lim siblings also grow and learned to love the arts while pursuing their own careers. Painting became their hobby and made this exhibits their way of family bonding.

Painting is Chan Lim’s another way of giving back to the community. Apart from their own professions as owners of prestigious companies and as providers of employment, painting is a nourishing way of giving back to the community.

The pieces in this exhibit, as well as the setup, are well planned and carefully thought of and one year in the making. So I hope, or rather encourage you to see for yourself the Chan Lim Family of Artists & Students Exhibit at SM The Block Atrium. It will only be available until February 12 so don’t miss it.

The #ChanLim family is one of the few remaining notable Chinese brush painting artists in the country today, and is sought after in this field. Art classes are conducted in the family studio located in Pasig city.





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