Bohol Experience Day 2: Happy Tummy

For the second day now, I thought I was only living in dream. No work pressure and other intoxicating activities in Manila. No air and noise pollution. I wish to live with my family in such a comfortable place like this. Life here is so simple.

But if I stay for few days more, I am afraid I’ll get bloated with the kind of food they are serving.

Every meal, new meals were served. And most of it has an organic taste.

I became sinful with these Seafood Lasagna prepared for our lunch. So cheesy!

seafood lasagna

And among other meals, I stuck with only eating this Chicken Curry recipe and NO rice.


At dinner, they served crabs and shrimps and the best soup, spicy Tinolang Manok na may gata.

I failed to took pictures of it because I immediately attacked the sea foods before the bowl gets empty!

The best part if dining at Bohol Bee Farm is the beach view.


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