It has been three years now since the last time I traveled by air. Oh how I missed it. A woman with a mole in the foot surprisingly bear such long waiting.

Typhoon Juaning just left the country few hours before our take off to Bohol. In the air, the travel were rough because of the strong winds. Every time the plane shook off, I heard passengers crying out loud and praying. Admittedly, it was a frightful ride. The pilot of Cebu Pacific Air Bus 319 might had a hard time managing it through the winds. Thankfully, we arrived safely.

My co-participants in the pilot training of Internet Security Awareness were fetched to Bee Farm and welcomed with these organic meals.

beefarm food I never thought that flowers can be use in salad. Yes, flowers! There you see Cosmos, Ternate, Bongavilla, and Gaugamela flowers! How edible they are. I just love looking at it with the Caesar dressing and the little black ant in the sweet farm. But of course, the curious me, for the first time ate the “flower salad.” It is sweet!

I also got an idea of making an iced Tea more tasteful by putting some little slices of mango on it.

Aside from glazed chicken and grilled Marlin, they also served us the yummiest seafood soup I ever tasted!

Another organic bread on the table, it is a squash bread with pesto and honey spread. Wow!

I had a very happy tummy.


We are accommodated in a simple but for me, a very comfortable place to live in.

beefarm roombeefarm room 2

And while I am enjoying my food and the comfy room, I have this very calm view.

DSC06424This is……… happiness 🙂 It was my first time in Bohol and I wish to enjoy my stay if the schedule permits me. Soon, I will bring my family here and enjoy more and it will be a grand holiday!

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