There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to always look good. It’s inevitable in this selfie era. With social media personalities being hailed as catalysts of beauty, men are growing conscious of their appearance. Every single heart tap on their Instagram post is a major boost to their confidence.

Thus, without killing their manly vibe, the need to embrace a grooming regimen to maintain their looks becomes a necessity. Traditionally, men go for basic face and body products. Some are so vain that going to derma clinics for their skin needs as part of their routine. It’s not taboo anymore. It’s slowly becoming a trend for men to look extra nice. It is natural human instinct to adapt.

Enter Bad Lab and their revolutionary products. Standing for “Brave And Daring Laboratory,” Bad Lab doesn’t do things lightly. They go hard. From their unconventional packaging, you would know right away what they are here for—to appeal to every man’s animal instincts.

The animals featured on the label are the perfect representation of each product. It’s a more unconventional and clever way to catch attention than having a traditional A-list model on the label. It’s downright relatable. The good news is Bad Lab has a full range of grooming products that could satisfy a man’s desire to always look camera-ready–Caveman Cleaner 3-in-1, Deodorant, Hair Clay, and Lean Mean Machine Shower Gel to name a few.

Caveman Cleaner 3-in-1 is a game changer. It’s for men who are always on the go, who always want things fast – like their cars and internet connection. It’s an All-in-One cleanser for hair, face, and body that’s perfect for those who dislike spending way too much for multiple products and who just want to get over showering in one go without compromising. Likewise, it should be ideal to bring when traveling. One bottle for everything!

Lean, Mean Machine Sculpting shower gel, on the other hand, not just cleanses the body but also eases muscle pain for those who work out. It is formulated with Methyl Salicylate that relieves body aching.

Their hair styling products, like pomade and clay, are water-based and thus can be easily washed off, unlike the oil-based, lubricious and greasy products in the market. They also contain Fluidipure™8G, an active ingredient that neutralizes body odor and controls dandruff.

To complete the skin regimen, Bad Lab has facial cleansers, scrubs, and moisturizers as well as three variants of anti-dandruff shampoo.

Most of Bad Lab’s products, especially those for face and body, are composed of natural ingredients that can only be found in their line such as Dragon’s Blood extract, a unique ingredient from a resin of plant from Amazon that helps skin rejuvenation; Silver Citrate that serves as an anti-acne ingredient and inhibits inflammation and infections; Blue Stone helps reveal the skin’s radiance while providing it with natural nutritive minerals; and Cronodyn™ fights signs of skin fatigue and tones and firms skin.

Moreover, majority of their products are certified “halal” by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the only government body in the world with control over the implementation of Halal certification. This makes Bad Lab the first of its kind in the market today, a not common feature among skin care products in the market.

While men’s skin care products before were plain derivatives of that of women’s, it is not the case anymore. With the introduction of Bad Lab products in the skin care market, men now have their own that’s designed and developed just for them, created specifically for their unique skin-care needs, something that’s “Man-gineered” for the man who’s all walk and little talk.

Going with the flow might be the easiest and safest way to go but taking risks and seeking something different is more rewarding. It’s not just about looking good from the outside, for the likes, for the hearts. Just like Bad Lab’s ideology, “Be brave and daring !.”

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