When customers are in your store, they want to be able to see what is offered without peering around other foods. They want to see the quality of the items that you have as well as how fresh they are.

If you have a hot food display, it’s sometimes easier to arrange the items that you’re selling whether they are by the time that they are made or by the flavors that are included in the foods.

A display of hot foods is beneficial for people who might not want to cook after a long day or for those who only have a short time for lunch or dinner and need something that is already prepared to eat. The visual appeal of your display case is one that should be carefully considered.

Begin by taking an inventory of the items that you’re selling and those that you have in your reserves so that you know how much you can sell at one time. This will also make it easier to arrange the items in the case instead of just putting everything on each shelf with no indication as to which foods might belong together.

Think about your branding before arranging the items on the store shelves. When customers approach the display case, they should know exactly what you’re selling and who you are in regards to the company.

Popular items that are sold don’t always have to be at the forefront of your display case. They can easily be placed at the back of the case with people still wanting to purchase them because they know that the products are sold by your business.

Maintain proper spacing between all of the items that are sold to make it easier for customers to get what they want and to keep similar items from getting mixed up with each other.

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