Have you already stung by a bee? Yeah, I know how painful it is. I haven’t experience it and I don’t want to, ever. But learning from others’ experience, I might take it unbearable.

But I was forced to give-in to a challenge on holding a bee frame hive when we visited Bohol Bee Farm. I was reminded not to cause threat to honey bees or else, hundreds of them will attack me.

DSC06569Honey bees attack. I cannot run fast to avoid them if somehow they thought I’m a threat.

DSC06571 Unafraid? Yeah. I didn’t breathe while holding it. I was afraid it might destruct them.

bees hive Pulot-pukyutan. This is where they make delicious honey!

Holding that frame full of honey bees was one of the daring actions I did in my life. This could happen to me, not just one bite but many sting! Yay!bee sting 

You may try to experience holding a bee hive too! Not the stinging part. Visit Bohol Bee Farm.

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