An Afternoon Delight: Big Better Burger

It was a stressful day at work. Too many news stories to write and I forgot that it is already past lunch time and about to tick the merienda time and I haven’t eaten anything.

Then I decided to take a small break to buy one of my favorite burgers…

BB Cheese burger from Big Better Burgers


Safely packed.


So juicy. See how thick the patty is? Yum!


And that is not enough. Giving in to my cravings and as a reward for being too productive today, I bought my another favorite…


Potato wedges!


Wait, such tasteful wedges is not complete without the Cheeseloco dip!


Prices of burgers from BBB are fairly expensive. I cannot argue with the quality, taste and their presentation. I bought BB Cheese for P132 then the wedges costs P65 and Cheeseloco dip with P20. More than P200 for a single meal is too much? Well, I am not doing this everyday! Hahaha!

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