Yey! All Set For Nuffamily Day!

I have never been this excited in joining Family Day activities. What it makes special now? Because Nuffnang Philippines will be holding its first Nuffamily Day on May 28 at Crosswinds, Tagaytay!

My schedule on that day is already full-packed with other appointments. But guess what, I’m still attending the fun because I SO LOVE NUFFNANG! No, we can’t miss this!

Honestly, why I love NUFFNANG? Because it is…

Fabulous and
Noteworthy to
Grow with!

And on that day, I’ll bring my 2 kids and of course my parents! That’s make us 5 in all attending the fun! And we’re excited to join the Nuffbus too!

Let us lift lanterns on Saturday!

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One thought on “Yey! All Set For Nuffamily Day!

  1. TJV: that was really full of fun! i enjoy attending events when my family are with me, pure pleasure and enjoyment hihi. for sure your kids had enjoyed it 🙂

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