A Unique Deli Sandwich for Pinoys

For all Filipino foodie, here’s something new that you must not missed trying!

The rainy season seems to be extending its usual course, and one of the positive things it brings are the cooler temperatures. The weather certainly makes it conducive to stay indoors and enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee paired with a cold deli sandwich.

For those on the go, why not try the new Grab ‘n Go Bunsaymada from Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop? The Bunsaymada is chilled to perfection, striking just the right balance of cool, refreshing, and tasty. This new deli-style sandwich is fine-tuned for Filipino tastes, and comes in two flavors: Tuna & Egg Salad, and Quezo Embutido. Both are hearty, healthy meals with an affordable price that fits right in the palm of your hand. Whether you choose the light and flavorful tuna, or the meatier embutido to sate your appetite, these new additions to the already impressive lineup at Goldilocks are the ideal snack.

Head to your nearest Goldilocks branch, and grab one (or more) Bunsaymadas? It’s the best way to stay warm and chill out at the same time!


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