One of the fun activities that you can do especially during summer season is to watching how whales amazingly play in their natural habitat. Your kids will surely love them and they can also learn more about marine mammals.

Depending on where you live but there are group of whales which are very interesting to discover like Orcinus Orca), the highly intelligent and social animals; Puget Sound Orcas, Minke(Balaenoptera acutorostrata), Gray(Eschrichtius robustus), Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Sperm Whale, and Pacific White-sided Dolphin.

To enjoy more of whale watching, you might consider some reminders below:

1. Make sure that members of the family are not afraid of whales. However, most of the whale parks are secured as they also protect their mammals.

2. If you’re touring with the whole family, you may opt to search for packages to get discounts.

3. Expect to get wet so bring extra clothes.

4. Do not miss any moment, bring your camera.

5. Strictly obey the rules inside the whale park to avoid accidents.

It is not everyday that you can see whales, unless you are legally allowed to protect them. So take any opportunity that you can have time to relax, go on vacation with family and visit any near Boston whale watching hub.

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