4 Unusual Cafes To Check Out In America

America is home to some seriously weird and wacky attractions, however some hold more appeal to travellers than others. For anyone looking for a gourmet experience with a twist, there’s plenty to see as you travel around the USA. Here are 4distinctly unusual cafés and restaurants to check out on your next American adventure.

Cannabis Café

The Cannabis Café in Portland, Oregon offers an unusual take on the normal café experience. This community centre offers WiFi, game room and a cannabis library for its guests as well as a full café experience. It has been set up so that registered medical users of marijuana in Oregon have a safe place to socialize and medicate themselves in a relaxed setting. An emphasis is placed on the importance of creating a community vibe and welcoming all legal users to enjoy this unusual café.

The Tonga Room

This unique dining destination in San Francisco is a tribute to a mid-century view of Tiki culture. With a full lagoon and indoor thundershowers, it is truly a dining experience like no other. You can enjoy Pacific Rim cuisine and tropical cocktails in tiki style vessels, all while being serenaded by the Island Groove Band performing on a moving raft as it floats through the lagoon.


The concept behind Opaque is one which has taken off in restaurants around Europe, and now America has several of these unusual dining destinations of its own. San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles are all home to an Opaque establishment, which offers a very different take on dining. After perusing a brief menu in the lit foyer, you will be led into pitch black rooms by the servers and seated in total darkness. The concept that makes Opaque so successful is more than just a gimmick, it instead works on heightening the senses of taste, touch and smell to truly elevate your dining experience.

Heart Attack Grill

The appeal of heart attack grill is a questionable one, yet hundreds of diners flock to experience this unusual take on the humble lunch. With a hospital themed interior and teams of nurses as your servers, you can choose from a range of intentionally unhealthy options designed to pack on the pounds. One of the signature meals at the Heart Attack Grill is the Quadruple Bypass Burger, an 8000 calorie monstrosity packed with 2 pounds of meat. If you successfully finish this beast of a burger, one of the nurses will escort you via wheelchair to your car. In another twist, diners who weigh over 350lbs eat for free. Wondering where this crazy café is located? Las Vegas, of course.

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