2015 Food Trends to Look Forward To

The year 2014 was said to be for food trucks and food bazaars. It was also the year when healthy living became the trend. Recipes for juicing, detox concoctions, and quick-fat-free meals deluged social media networks. Enterprising individuals offered diet plans and pre-packed meals to those who wanted to lose weight or to stay fit.

This year, we can still expect those healthful recipes to flood our SNS, but we can also look forward to wonderful offerings for those who love food, calories and all.

Gastropub. Even with the gastropubs that have mushroomed the past year, new ones are still expected to sprout this year. These bar and restaurants serving high-end beers and gourmet food are the best places to wind down after work.

Brinner. What’s that? If you’re a big fan of all-day breakfast restaurants, then you’ve most likely been eating this for years. Brinner, or breakfast for dinner, makes dinnertime so much more fun and comfy. Make way for all those breakfast and brunch favourites ‘coz they’ll be seen a lot in dinner tables.

Lard. Oh yes, that lard that we’ve been shunning all these years is making a comeback! Apparently, lard gives crust that wonderful flaky texture and makes anything fried crisp and tender. If you can render ol’ pig fat yourself or get one that’s been rendered without adding anything, do so. Store-bought ones are often hydrogenated and laden with transfat.

These are merely three food trends we can expect this year. With the vast array of new food trends coming to us this year, all we need to do is visit musicians friend for the perfect instrument to accompany our food trips.

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