The Olympics can mean different things to different people. This event that showcases the talent of athletes all over the world is also a celebration of achievements borne out of determination, endurance, and hard work – qualities that make every athlete an inspiration for those who want to achieve something in life. The athletes may own the spotlight in the Olympics but the people who supported them should never be forgotten.

One way to honor those who helped them in their Olympic journey is to give back to the community. Just like what the Team Citi Athletes are doing at the Citibank Every Step of the Way Campaign.

A $500,000 donation from Citibank is given to the US Olympic Committee to support their various Olympic, Paralympic, and Community Programs. To help further their cause, Citibank teams up with 9 US athletes to advocate nine community programs in need of support. These programs range from promoting sports activities for kids to raising relief funds and giving back to those who have given honor to the country. Julie Chu, Ted Ligety, and Even Lysacek support programs that give kids and youth a chance to try their respective sports for free and inspire the urban youth to get into sports.

There are also programs that help aspiring Olympians and Paralympians like those supported by Alana Nicols and Erin Hamlin. Picabo Street supports injury prevention for skiers and snowboarders while Billy Demong helps in spreading Olympic Values to future generations. Programs that give back to the country’s athletes and veterans are also given support through Dan Jansen and the Olympians for Olympians relief fund, and Rico Roman in partnership with Operation Comfort.

The Olympics has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for a lot of people. It is simply heartwarming to see great athletes team up with private corporations to support programs that give back to the community that stayed with them every step of the way. You can also be a part of a future athlete’s journey or help a struggling Olympian or veteran get through tough times. Take a small step to get to know the Team Citi athletes and their program them decide on where to place your support. Visit the Citi Every Step of the Way site and click your support to further a cause.

Nine U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Nine programs in need. A $500,000 donation from Citi. You help decide where it goes with just a click. Watch the video below to know more. See other details here > 


This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.